So let's start with the origin of the word, speakeasy:


"from speak + easy; socalled from the practice of speaking quietly about such a place in public, orwhen inside it, so as not to alert the police and neighbors. The wordgained wide currency in U.S. during Prohibition (1920-1932). In early 19c.Irish and British dialect, a speak softly shop meant "smuggler's den."

Thankfully, there isn't really a need for speakeasies anymore.  That said, there are elements of the speakeasy that we still long for.  The need to connect with others who share a common interest.  The excitement that comes with knowing a secret.  And the desire to have a unique and exclusive experience.

We aim to create a dining experience that effectively brings those elements to the table.  Oft-changing locations.  Secret passwords.  Avant Garde food.  Stimulating conversations.  New friends.

This is a family business.  It is the brainchild of teen food prodigy, Trevor Shankman and his father / local chef, Kyle Shankman.  Every supper features a thoughtfully crafted 5-course tasting menu served simultaneously to every diner at one large communal table.

To become part of the experience, email with the subject: Keep Me Posted.

When we announce a new supper, our "Keep Me Posted" crew receives an email with the date, time, city, and menu.  To attempt a reservation, respond to that email as soon as possible with your desired number of seats.  If we can still accommodate, you will get a confirmation email with the address, password, and instructions upon arrival.

We look forward to feeding you.

-The Speak Easy Team

"And now with some pleasure I find that it's seven; and must cook dinner."  -Virginia Woolfe